Monday, November 30, 2020

FYI: "Third Places" in 2020 Covid-19

Photo of Ray Oldenberg

 Ray Oldenburg

"Third Places" 

Oldenberg proposed a model where

  1. "Home" is the first place; it's where you live
  2. "Workplace" is a second place
  3. Third Places - This is where people go to exchange ideas, form relationships, and create communities. One video elaborated on this last idea, suggesting that a "Third" place could be a park or a bar."
Dr. Peterson agreed. He wrote "[Oldenberg's] new term – third place – that made instant sense. Third places are where people congregate other than work or home. England has pubs, France has caf├ęs, and Austria has coffee houses. Once upon a time in the United States, common third places included country stores, post offices, barber shops, hair salons, soda shops, and taverns."

What does this mean in 2020, with the Covid 19 world-wide shutdown?

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Personal: Sleeping Together

Sleeping Together

It's Not About SEX

When I was 10 years old (or so) I fantasized about sleeping with someone. I would prop my arm in the air and pretend there was someone sleeping within an arm's reach.

This was before puberty, before hormones, and before I had any interest in sex.