Friday, December 24, 2021

Cheat Weight Watchers Weigh-Ins

Feet on bathroom scales

 How to Cheat
Bathroom Scales

Your Daily Weight

Did you know that two cups of morning coffee immediately add one pound to your body? I finally connected the dots on how this affects my daily weight! (PS: It doesn't really matter. Read on...)

I joined Weight Watchers over 20 years ago. At that time, WeightWatchers had two forms of accountability.

  • Record everything you ate. 
    • WeightWatchers assigned a point value to each food, and members were allowed a maximum number of points each day.
  • Stand on their scales once a week to measure your weight-loss progress.
I was astounded at how seriously...

Monday, December 13, 2021

Parkinson’s Law - Rick in 2021

Rick's Parkinson’s Law - Again

November 2021

I maintain a daily diary. I try to list my activities, focusing on my accomplishments. I close it out each weekend and take the time to reflect on what I actually did. Over time I grouped them into major categories.

I first wrote about Parkinson’s Law in 2015 with an article titled “My Person Bane.” In my article I shared…  

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Weight Loss - OMAD and Calorie Restriction

Picture of Ice Cream Cone

Weight Loss:
One Meal A Day?
Calorie Restriction?

I continue to read articles and watch videos about losing weight, and I want to share what I've been learning recently!

My story continues...

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

My Weight Loss Victory Lap

Purely Personal:

Weight Loss

I have lost almost 100 pounds from my highest weight over the last decade, and I want to take a moment to brag!

Pictures of Rick from 2015 and 2021

Apparently, the weight loss is most apparent in my face. What do you think?

Friday, July 2, 2021

Naval Maneuver - "Same old same old"


Contemplating My
Belly Button

It's been a while since I've written anything for this blog.


I lead an active life, but it has become pretty routine from day-to-day. I do mostly the same thing!

The Cambridge Dictionary offers an interesting definition for Same Old Same Old: "(informal) it's used to say that a situation or someone's behavior remains the same, especially when it is boring or annoying."

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

"Follow by Email" ends July 2021


On the sidebar to the right was an innocuous box that invited you to submit your email address.

When you did that, you received notifications delivered to that address when a new article had been posted to this blog!

That feature has ended.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Weight Loss: Rich in Calories

Fasting Weight Loss

Rich in Calories

The general consensus is that one pound of body fat = 3,500 calories. 

A man who weighs 250 lbs is 75 lbs over the recommended weight for someone 6 feet tall.

He "owns" over a quarter million calories in his "fat account" (75 times 3,500 = 262,500).

He should be consuming 2,500 calories per day. Based on that, he should have 105 days of calories if he doesn't eat a bite of food during that time...

He's Rich!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Friday, February 5, 2021

Personal: My Weight Loss

My Weight Loss:

I've been recording my weight almost every day for the last six years. I have finally uploaded all that information to MyFitnessPal...