Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Personal: Overcoming Parkinson's Law

I'm still fighting with Parkinson's Law, but this time from the other side. (You can revisit my first post about Parkinson's Law ~ the link will open in a new tab; read the article, close it, and come back here.)

My days are filling up, but my mind/body is still operating in slow-mode.

I've been accepted as a volunteer for SCORE.  I've been asked to give a talk on December 8th. Me giving a presentation is a switch because I've only been a consumer of SCORE talks and webinars. The topic is integrating Social Media into a company's marketing plan. I've also been asked to assist in putting on two seminars in October.  (SCORE, formerly "Service Corps of Retired Executives")

College is fully under way!

The Creative Writing class is going to be a challenge. The other students are presenting/sharing really entertaining work. The three topics I want to work on are BORING. They are:
  • My HOA book (really really dry)
  • Consolidate my Mom's writing to follow up with maybe a second book (It will have a big appendix). You can get her book here:
  • An autobiography of my own. (maybe)
    [Note: my project became a memoir, titled JM8 - A Shot Across The Bow.]
My Digital Photography class sops up a lot of time. While Creative Writing has two 75 minute classes a week, my Photography class meets Tues/Thursday for a total of 5-1/2 hours of classroom per week. The instructor expects about that much additional time out of the classroom on assignments.

(I should be doing my creative writing assignment instead of updating this blog. Duh...)


My weekends are dedicated to working at the barn, and I don't have time for much else. We did horse chores 6 times last weekend:
  • Friday evening
  • Saturday morning and Saturday evening
  • Sunday morning and Sunday evening
  • Monday evening (Stayed there on Monday this week, too)
I also spent most of Saturday mowing three paddocks (about 2-1/2 acres). Fortunately I was on a riding lawn mower. It wasn't particularly hard work except the 3 times I got bogged down in the mud. I literally had to lift the front of the tractor to move it. I was drenched in sweat at the end of the day. The pool felt nice!


So, what have I done for A Better Computer, Inc. lately?  Nada.  Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

almost feel guilty....

Thought for the day:  "I love having ten times as much stuff to do as I can possibly find time to do. That way, I can pick the one-tenth that I want to do most.  But if I have only enough to just occupy all my time, I'm stuck doing all of whatever stuff it happens to be. " Marilyn Vos Savant

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