Wednesday, February 1, 2017

FYI: Writing for CreateSpace

Create Space makes self-publishing really easy. I've released 3 books, have 2 in progress, and ideas for several more. And I'll help you with yours...

My love affair with CreateSpace began in 2010, when I helped my mother publish her autobiography, Give Me A Broom to Sweep Away The Cobwebs Of My Mind. (

CreateSpace is owned by Amazon, and Mom's book was automatically available through as well as!

[Amazon makes my books available through Amazon Prime, too, which promises free/fast delivery .]

My next project was in 2016, when I finally got serious about writing a book for my homeowner's association, Living With The HOA.

The biggest challenge was getting my Word skills up to speed. I had previously watched this tutorial (India Drummond), so I looked it up again. It made more sense this time around.

[You can search for more "Create Space" tutorials.]

I started my HOA book with the Appendix, which turned out to be 96 pages just by itself. I included the Appendix in the Living/HOA book and made it available for sale on its own. (The Appendix: Association Documents.)

And, yes!, both books are available on You can search Amazon books for multiple key words: Rick Jaggers, Bayshore HOA, and Bayshore Townhomes,

I am currently working on three projects in early 2017:
  • A follow-on compilation of my mother's unpublished work. After her death, the family let me have all the scraps of paper in her work area. A friend transcribed them for me, and my task will be to distill it to a coherent sequel.
  • A Kentucky School Teacher's Doggerel ~ This is a reissue of a book of poems written my Grandfather and published by his oldest son, Uncle Gerald.
    I've registered two domain names to redirect to the CreateSpace storefront
  • JM8 - A Shot Across The Bow ~ This is the beginning of a series of personal memoirs that were started when returned to college in 2016!
If you click on any of the links for Doggerel or JM8, you can see that CreateSpace has already put the cover on their website, with the remark "This title is still being prepared for sale and should be ready soon."

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