Wednesday, August 2, 2017

FYI: Rix Reading List - Updated 8/2/2017

I find a lot of articles that I want to blog about, revisit, or recommend to someone. This is a compilation of what I've found online:

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Aug 2: LastPass Review ~ LastPass is the password manager I personally use.

___May 2017___

___Feb 2014___
This article hit close to home, perhaps because I've over 65 years old.  It's by Andrew Medal and published in Entrepreneur Magazine. He had embedded these words; it's a sobering thought:

Death: This is what happens when we die:

  1. Our family and loved ones figure out what to do with our bodies and plan a funeral/memorial.
  2. Our "possessions" and "belongings" are then spread around to friends and family, and given to our beneficiaries.
  3. Our memory lives, but that's about it. Our physical forms are done. No more. And the loss is like a hole in our loved ones' lives.

All of that stuff we've been working for -- success, big cars, fame, money, private jets, blah, blah, blah -- is gone. All totally meaningless

___Blog 2010___
"...the popular web fonts (Arial, Verdana, Georgia, and Times New Roman) are such not only because of their wide availability, but because they are drawn with the screen’s limitations in mind."
~~~  Here's a link to the entire blog about typesetting, which apparently ended in 2015. He has a really annoying popup plugin that demands your email address, but there's an arrow at the bottom that allows you to read the rest of the page. Read More.

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