Thursday, November 30, 2017

Personal Reflections from 2017

I've gained 30 pounds in those 17 months. At that time in 2015, I weighed 289 lbs. Today my weight is 318.
  • I gained 10 pounds by Thanksgiving, 2015 - 3 months.
  • I gained another 10 pounds in the next 6 month, by May, 2016.
  • My 3rd 10-pound gain took only 4 months - September 2016.
  • In the last 3 months I'm been floating above 310 and flirting with 320.
Obviously, something is not going well.

Today I feel overwhelmed, and I'm trying to put things back together.

As I re-arranged my blogs this week (separating and I revisited my two blogs about Parkinson's Law.  The first article was that I was acting as if I had too little to do; the second one I complained about over-filling my plate!

Try as I may, I cannot shoehorn my 318-pound conundrum into Parkinson's Law.

So what happened?

I've been re-reading the yellow composition notebook that I've been carrying.


January 15 was the first page. It had a couple addresses, Mom's SSN (probably for CreateSpace) and a note-to-self to order Manheim Steamroller CDs after Christmas. I never did.

The next entry, May 26-27-28, was an attempt to journal my food. It recorded my weight as 329 lbs. So, sometime between May 2012 and August 2015 I managed to lose 50 pounds!!

On June 20 I drove Bobby's ashes to Virginia. There were several pages that detailed the mechanics of the trip such as distance, speed, mile-markers, etc. But nothing was recorded about the weather, scenery, the cemetery.


The next entry was over a year later, on September 3. It was a quote from the TV series Sparticus that I liked well enough to record:

  • "The past is seldom as we would have it."
  • "The future is yet to be known."
  • "Embrace the present, strike all else for concern."

Apparently I had a doctor appointment on November 20, because that entry listed questions I wanted to ask and incidents I wanted to discuss...

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