Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Call Forwarders, Email Forwarders...

Remember call-forwarding? You could publish one phone number without giving out the destination number?

When you went home from work, you could forward your office number to your home phone and your customers would not be the wiser!

I do that today with my home phone to my cell phone, so my friends only have one number to call. (I have a three-story residence and I don’t carry my cell phone from floor-to-floor with me.)

Did you know that you can do with email? An address that is sent to a different address is called a “forwarder “or an “alias.”

You can use that same idea to protect your private email box from SPAM, especially when visiting websites that require an address before you know whether you want to do business with them.

[BTW: This was how I learned LinkedIn was hacked several years ago. I started getting SPAM at the forwarder I set up for LinkedIn. I created a new forwarder, changed my LinkedIn settings, then deleted the old forwarder!]

So… buy a throw-away domain and set up temporary forwarders:

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