Saturday, December 31, 2016

Personal: Price Change: Gloria Jaggers Autobiography

I helped my mother publish her autobiography in 2010. The price is now $9.95, and is available from and CreateSpace. You can find it here: Gloria

It was a labor of love all the way around:

Mom would use the computer to write a chapter. Then she would print a copy of her work. But she would turn off the computer without saving!

When she was ready to "publish" she had a stack of printed pages that had been further edited.  Oops.

Bobby volunteered to transcribe it in exactly the way that Mom had written it! I scanned pictures of Mom, then integrated them into the book.

The first "run" was printed and bound by the local FedEx Office print shop. Bobby designed the cover, but it was rather plain. Mom was really really happy to see her work in print!

Eventually I discovered, and I uploaded the content there. CreateSpace gave it an ISBN and cross-listed it on Amazon. Now her work was in the "big time."

The picture on Mom's book from CreateSpace was one that Bobby had taken in Hawaii. It was the closest photo that I could find to the South Seas that we could publish it without worrying about copyright infringement.


I'm hooked on CreateSpace, now.

I have released two books about my homeowners' association.

I've started preparing on my own memoirs for publication. I written a lot during my Creative Writing class at St. Pete College in the spring of 2016. I've promised the instructor that I would come to this year's class to show how to leverage CreateSpace capabilities for their class project and possible publication.

I've laid out plans for a series of memoirs,  so you can expect several books to be published with similar titles.

I have another project in the works, too, and it may be out by the end of January!

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