Thursday, May 14, 2020

Senior Dating in 2020 - Covid19 in May

I became a Septuagenarian in 2019. I am unmarried, and live alone. I don't even share my living space with a pet!

Relationships for Seniors in 2020

I start dating in my teens, so I have over five decades of dating experience. I have been in exclusive and in committed relationships. (They're not the same, BTW.)

The March-April-May(?) Coronavirus quarantine put the kibosh on socializing in person. For the last year (or so) I've attended events put together by that are 10-15 miles from where I live. They are mostly public dinners at local restaurants, and most of the groups are mostly composed of "singles."

That's a pretty broad generalization, but I also attend meetups/meetings with technical topics such as WordPress, business mentoring, and genealogy research. I enjoy all the social opportunities.

Now, meeting new and existing friends has been eliminated, and there is no end in sight. 😒

I miss people!

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