Tuesday, August 24, 2021

My Weight Loss Victory Lap

Purely Personal:

Weight Loss

I have lost almost 100 pounds from my highest weight over the last decade, and I want to take a moment to brag!

Pictures of Rick from 2015 and 2021

Apparently, the weight loss is most apparent in my face. What do you think?

Don't worry about my health: the weight loss is intentional!

My "secret" is intermittent fasting. 

If you research that online, I am following OMAD ("one meal a day"). Or maybe it's called "20:4."  There are many variations. 

I eat all my calories in the middle of the day (11:00-2:00), then nothing else until the next day. In the last few weeks, I've relaxed my daily regimen. Here's why and how:

Food is a big social activity. 

Since the COVID restrictions have been lifted here in Florida, I've been joining friends for dinner or evening snacks. I'll order a salad with Ranch dressing simply to have something in front of me. It's enough food. (I eat the whole salad, too. That hasn't changed.)

I am not depriving myself. 

I actually eat all three meals during that 2-3 hour time period.
  • "Breakfast" One hard-boiled egg, 2 oz of processed meat (sausage), and fruit
  • "Lunch" One can of tuna, mixed with relish and avocado mayonnaise
  • "Dinner" Salad with Zesty Italian dressing, 6-8 oz of meat (usually beef)
  • "Dessert" A slice of pumpkin pie!!
  • Extra: Sometimes I double my portions, such as two eggs or 2 salads.

Accountability ~ Tracking my weight:

I've been recording my weight almost daily for the last 8 years. I have been as high as 125 pounds above my current weight! Here is a chart of my progress (or lack of progress):

A chart showing Rick slowly losing weight beginning in 2018

I have outgrown my wardrobe. 

My usual shirt size was 3-XL, and I plead guilty to having a few 4-XL shirts in the closet. 

I am now shopping for a 1-XL... down two sizes. Unfortunately, 1-XL is not a consistent size. I can button some XL shirts but not others. Pull-overs work fine.

I have also dropped 4-6 inches from my waist. While that appears to be a straightforward measurement, some pants have a different stretch in the waist.

I hesitate to donate my 3-XL clothes or expand my 1-XL wardrobe because my weight is still changing. I don't see myself getting bigger, but.... well, we never know what the future holds.

My goal is to lose another 30 pounds. 

I plan to lose that slowly, over the next 6-8 months. After all, it took me decades to pack it on. 

I'll report, again, when I get there.

Meanwhile, I started writing about this journey last February: www.Jaggers.pw/2021/02/personal-my-weight-loss.html 

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