Saturday, March 4, 2023

Personal: My Unfinished Posts


Unfinished Building

A New Beginning

For Rick Jaggers

I've been writing blog posts for the last three months.

Honest, I have!

I've started dozens of them. Unfortunately, most of them have been in my head. 

However, I have actually started putting some of them on paper. 

(Uhh... Figuratively on paper. I use a computer with a powerful spell checker and a voice that reads to me out load what I wrote.)

Where Are The Blogs?

I have not posted them for a few reasons.

First, the work is not perfect. I've dashed them off, with the intention of returning to them later for another editing session. Then, when I come back, my interest or passion dissipated. I convince myself that no one else would be interested. It remains unpolished and unpublished.

Next, maybe the work is not complete. I've developed a thought or shared an interest, but I couldn't figure out how to close the article. Is there a lesson to be learned? Or, do I simply want someone to look over my shoulder while I turn a new/novel idea over in my mind?

Finally, sometimes there's not much there.I start a new document. I add the title at the top, then a label of some sort (this post is "personal"), grab an image, then just sit to look at the blank screen. 

Slightly dispirited, I decide to take a quick break. I go get a cup of coffee, and while I'm in the kitchen I'll put away the dishes. On the way back, I'll pick up the living room. When I get to my computer, I've forgotten the neat and concise sentences that had been rattling around my head.

So, I promise myself I'll get back to it. I close/save the title and blank page.

Suddenly, a week has passed! And another week...  And another.....

From here on out, I will publish my work if I write for more than 90 minutes. If the post is incomplete or unfinished, you're welcome to send me your suggestions and comments.

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