Friday, July 2, 2021

Naval Maneuver - "Same old same old"


Contemplating My
Belly Button

It's been a while since I've written anything for this blog.


I lead an active life, but it has become pretty routine from day-to-day. I do mostly the same thing!

The Cambridge Dictionary offers an interesting definition for Same Old Same Old: "(informal) it's used to say that a situation or someone's behavior remains the same, especially when it is boring or annoying."

[I started this article over a month ago, with the intention to publish it on June 1st. Today is July 2nd.] 

Morning Routine [From June]

  • I wake up each morning without an alarm clock. Sometimes it's as early as 5:30, but usually between 6:00 and 7:00. Occasionally I sleep as late as 7:45.
  • I weigh myself, take my blood pressure and my daily medication. Then I put on shorts and shoes. I'm out the front door within 20 minutes.
  • For the last month, I've been walking every day! I have three routes, each about 2 miles: 
    • McMullen-Booth, through Del Oro Park
    • Bayshore North - to the Cooper's Bayou Park
    • Bayshore South - to the City of Clearwater Welcome monument (FYI: I just discovered that Clearwater is the second-largest city in the county, behind  St. Petersburg. The third largest city is Largo.)
  • When I return from my walk, I make a small pot of coffee and sit at my computer to drink both cups. Even this is routine! 
    • I open and begin my private blogger diary for today.
    • I check and answer my mail (personal, SCORE, and Gmail)
    • I review my calendar (Google calendar, of course) which has personal events plus Meetups and many Zoom events for the Pinellas Genealogy Society.
    • I check on my websites using a tool called "ManageWP." The app allows me to install updates across all the sites I manage!
    • Facebook: I have two accounts to manage. 
      • Rick S'Place is used for selling products through Facebook Marketplace.
      • Rick Jaggers is my personal account. Right now my main interest is genealogy.

Morning Routine [Today, July] - Same ole same ole

  • I still wake up each day without my alarm clock.
  • I stopped my morning walks shortly after I wrote that. It's been 3 weeks.
  • The rest of my morning routine is the same. I make a 4-cup pot of coffee (it fills my coffee cup twice). For the next hour or so, I log into my downstairs computer to visit the same websites I listed above.
    • I spend most of my time answering emails and surfing Facebook.
My morning coffee and downstairs routine take about an hour, and I'm ready to start the day. I fill my days with different activities, and I usually don't plan the day until that morning. 

As I write the rest of this article, I see that it is interesting ONLY if you enjoy my accomplishments with me! This blog must seem pretty boring if you are just surfing...

Each week I try to summarize my accomplishments, and I divide them into different categories. Here is an edited summary from June:

  • RGA: Revenue Generating Activity
    • I began selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace. I focused on creating and uploading listings, then managing them on Facebook.
  • Published Writer (Blogs & Books)
    • Hmm.. I just realized that while I started several articles, I didn't complete and post them. I have two blogs to maintain:
      • Jaggers.PW - this blog; it is my personal reflections
      • ABCInc.PW - this is where I talk about the Internet and PCs.
  • ABCInc/Webmaster/WordPress
    • I registered a new domain at Namecheap, then recorded a video about using NameCheap  web hosting as an inexpensive classroom
    • I've launched a new business idea: (My) Hybrid HOA Meeting (.com)
      • I met with one prospect, visited their property, and set up my equipment for a trial run; it was successful!
      • I created and eventually published the website
    • Mon: Attended online WP meetup
    • I bought a used Dell laptop simply because it had an HDMI output and an Intel I5 chip.. 
      • I installed a new RAM chip, bring the total to 6GB
      • I upgraded to Windows 10 (Home) and applied all the patches
      • The laptop speakers and 3.5mm output had horrible sound, but I resolved that by adding a soundbar that connects through a USB port
      • The battery was dead, and I replaced that with an after-market product
      • The power supply had a strange AC connection that required a special wall adapter, so I added a replacement.
      • My total investment in my laptop: $123
    • Pulled HDD & wireless adapter from my old Acer PC, and I have additional hardware ideas.
  • Genealogy/PGS/Ancestry
    • I've just realized how much free time I have given to the Pinellas Genealogy Society.
      • Almost 30 hours as backup Zoom admin for Classes, SIGs, and Meetings
      • Another 6 hours for planning and practicing hybrid meetings
      • Spent more time trying to create a cloud solution for directors
    • I have created a group on Facebook (WordPress for Genealogy Societies) that was intended to be a safety net for ENS customers. That group is part of my morning routine. This month I edited and uploaded two WPGen videos to Facebook and the PGS YouTube Channel.
      "WPGen" now accounts for another dozen hours a month.
    • COMMENT: This is not a bad way to spend time. I am gaining valuable Zoom experience and I have the opportunity to practice and learn about hybrid/blended meetings. There is in addition to the personal satisfaction I get.
  • SCORE/Mentor
    • My volunteer efforts for SCORE have really dropped off. I have not done any client mentoring in a while. I remain a technical resource for the organization, mostly for just a couple of people.
  • Seeds (Home Depot)
    • June was a busy month. I continue to check in every hour on every Wednesday.I spend about 5 minutes each time.
    • Catalogs opened up twice, and I selected 9 items. Each item requires a photo session and a review; about an hour's work for each item.
    • I remain an instructor, and they sent me a new student! Of course, I try to give the student good value for their money. I spend at least an hour of preparation and run past the allotted time. While the student is paying for 45 minutes, they are actually getting 2-1.2 to 3 hours of my time.
  • St. Pete College
    • SPC had registration for summer school. I spent an hour or two trying to find something that interests me. My criteria is that I attend a class in person.
  • Purely Personal
    • This month I finally got my Covid vaccination, attended a neighbor's wedding reception, and enjoyed long phone calls with Joel, Steve, Janie, and Aunt Marcia. I attended two dinner meetings with Shelle's meetup group.
How was your month?

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