Monday, December 13, 2021

Parkinson’s Law - Rick in 2021

Rick's Parkinson’s Law - Again

November 2021

I maintain a daily diary. I try to list my activities, focusing on my accomplishments. I close it out each weekend and take the time to reflect on what I actually did. Over time I grouped them into major categories.

I first wrote about Parkinson’s Law in 2015 with an article titled “My Person Bane.” In my article I shared…  

...a delightful narrative about a “woman of leisure” who took all afternoon to write a postcard to her granddaughter. 

The last time I wrote about Parkinson's law was last December Parkinson's Law: Redux in the context of the COVID lockdown at 9 months old.

The Parkinson's Law pendulum continues to swing in my life. Sometimes, I feel as if I have nothing to do. Other times, I feel overwhelmed by the list(s) I have created for myself.

One challenge is that I feel that every blog post has to be complete and has to be perfect. I begin, write, edit, and re-edit. Eventually, other things interfere and the post is shoved aside for another day.

That is the reason this blog title has a November date and is posted in December - almost a month later.

I maintain a daily diary. I try to list my activities, focusing on my accomplishments. I close it out each weekend and take the time to reflect on what I actually did. Over time I grouped them into major categories.

    • Accomplishments (What went well?)
      • RGA: Revenue Generating Activity 
      • Published Writer (Blogs & Books).
      • ABCInc/Webmaster/WordPress
      • Amazon Affiliate
      • Genealogy/PGS/Ancestry 
      • Seeds (Home Depot) 
      • TakeLessons
      • SCORE/Mentor
      • St. Pete College ~ Spring TERM 2022 Registration 1/7/2022
      • Purely Personal

    RGA: Revenue Generating Activity

    At a retirement seminar, the speaker said that one of the greatest fears of retirees is outliving their money. At the top of the list is any activity that actually generates revenue. I use this bullet to record anything I do that doens't fit into any of the other categories, below.

    Published Writer (Blogs & Books)

    I think of myself as a writer.
    I have several outlets where I can actually release articles for someone else to read.
      • This is my business blog. I use this to share something I've read on the Internet or in a book.
      • You're reading this at Jaggers.PW right now!
      • From time to time I want to write just for fun. It probably does not have anything to do with business, computers, or the Internet.
    • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing 
      • I still have my KDP account (and experience) for books I've published for my HOA and my mother's autobiography ("Give Me A Broom..." at


    I all the shares of stock in A Better Computer, Inc. (It's also DBA "ABCInc"). It needs nurturing on a month-to-month basis and has to file its own income taxes using IRS form 1120S. 

    ABCInc also supports many websites. I still update the themes and plugins every day, but I haven't added any new content in weeks!

    Amazon Affiliate

    I tried to start an Amazon store several years ago. Today I retain the ability to earn commissions from recommending Amazon products. 
    Total revenue so far? Zero.


    My (unpaid) volunteer work at Pinellas Genealogy Society has become a major part of my life. 

    I serve as their Technology Director. It now demands 10-20 hours per week. I support virtual meetings and classes. I advise and troubleshoot the website and track the Internet presence. I am a "safety net" for any technical issues from the other directors.

    Seeds (Home Depot) 

    Every Wednesday I have to sit at the computer from 10:00 until 4:00 checking to see if a new Home Depot Seeds catalog is opened. I generally know by 5 minutes after the hour.

    When a catalog opens, then I can pick 2-5 products. They show up on my doorstep a week or two later. I have to write a review, and hold onto them for 6 months. After that, they're mine to keep!

    I usually review about 5 products a month. It was a lot more before COVID.


    I like to teach. This website finds students, then pays me to teach them! I don't do a lot of this, but it is a RGA that I enjoy!


    I have been doing this for over 5 years! I am a mentor and a resource for other mentors. I cut back on my SCORE volunteer activities when COVID shut down the country. I'm not sure how this will change in the futre.

    St. Pete College ~ Spring TERM 2022 Registration 1/7/2022

    I started at SPC several years ago. I really enjoy 1-2 classes per week. I've attended classes on several campuses! Every semester I look for in-person classes to attend that will add to my personal or professional life.

    [2017] my post "FYI: Free College!" You can read it here: 

    Purely Personal

    This is actually a catch-all to record something I want to recognize as an accomplishment that doesn't fit into any other category.


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