Thursday, March 15, 2018

Personal: "A Kentucky Schoolteacher's Doggerel"

This is a book that's now available:  it's a re-release of my Grandfather's poetry!

Visit to order a copy.

My Uncle Gerald collected and privately published a collection of poems written by my Grandfather. The original book is out of print, and I'm like to republishing it through Lulu (Hard Cover) and CreateSpace (paperback).
  • I've changed the title by adding "(Reprised)" to the end.
  • My grandfather's biography written by Uncle Gerald is reproduced in full.
  • This unabridged republication contains all the poems in the original release.
  • The collection is printed in the original order, but the page formatting is different. The original book had two poems per page, and the Reprise generally puts one poem per page.
  • I've added a Table of Contents.

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