Monday, February 5, 2018

Parkinson's Law Redux?

My first Parkinson's Law articles were written in August & September, 2015.

It's now February, 2018 ~ 29 months later.

In August I gave an overview of how Parkinson's Law worked, and how it applied to me.

By September, 2015, I wrote how the pendulum had swung towards the "too busy" side. And it continues to swing in that direction.

Here is how I could spend 60-80 hours a week:


 I've returned to class! For the spring semester I've signed up for a digital media class at St. Pete College. (For Free, BTW!). This is basically a "Video 101." Our assignment for the semester is to produce a 3-5 minute video using images to convey the story or sentiments expressed in a poem.
  1. The first assignment is to select a poem. Because I will soon release a republication of my Grandfather's poetry, I've selected two from his collection. As I learn more about the resources available to me I'll narrow it down to one.
  2. The next assignment is to write a script. It's basically a two-column table, the first column is the visual, describing what goes on the screen. This includes any text to scroll on the screen, the images to be used, and the motion involved. The other column is the audio.
  3. We have to story-board our project. This a "script" for the cameraman. Zoom in, pan, etc.
  4. A Budget: even though this is a college project we have to come up with a budget of participated expenses.
  5. Four weeks before the end of the semester I have to wrap all these documents into a single presentation and submit it to the instructor.
  6. Finally, I have to shoot the project and edit a final product.


For most of the last year (off-and-on, not continuously) I've been transcribing and formatting a republication of my grandfather's poem. This is the collection put together by Uncle Gerald and privately published in 1978. Unfortunately it was a limited run and has been out of print for 40 years.

In the last 6 weeks I've pivoted to a hard-copy edition. I've submitted the final product, and now (early Feb) I'm waiting on a proof copy to be delivered for my review. Immediately after that I will release it to Amazon for sale (! A week or two later I'll release the paperback edition for about 1/2 the price.


This is the 3rd month I've had an Amazon reseller account. 

I've completed a full sales cycle over the last two months. I purchased a new product and put it into inventory at Amazon. I was surprised when it sold! It was "fulfilled by Amazon." The money has been credited to my account.

There is progress, but not as much and as fast as it should be.


This is something new in my life. It's more addictive and more time consuming than Facebook! I've probably spent 40 hours over since the first of the year in classes and workshops at the local Largo library. I've taken a DNA test, and the results won't be available until the middle of this month.

At this point I'm trying to master a desktop application (RootsMagic) to establish a "ground truth" for my tree, and then I'll sync that with several of the online genealogy websites.

SCORE Mentor

I make myself available for mentoring SCORE clients via email. I have 3-4 people who reach out to me for Internet support; suggestions for their web presence, etc.


In addition to my publishing my grandfather's book, I have several more projects:

  • I've written a book Living with the HOA that needs to be updated and re-released. 
  • I still have digital copies of Mom's writings that I want to publish as a collection of essays.
  • I've laid out how I can write a series of Memoirs. The next one will include some family history that I've learned through my genealogy work (see above).

A Better Computer, Inc.

Webwork on the Internet has become almost a commodity today, so I'm not sure where to take ABCInc. A quarter century ago I provided hardware support, followed by desktop software support. Today everything is headed towards the Cloud.


I still have a personal life. I have a household to run even if it's only me living here. I am not in a committed relationship right now, and I'm building a new social network.

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