Saturday, March 16, 2019

FYI: "Cutting the Cord" Follow-up

It's been a month since I returned my digital cable boxes and "cut the cord."

(I had written about it then)  ...and here's the next chapter 😊...

I am still pleased I dropped my Spectrum Cable TV!

I've found four items on my online Spectrum account:
  • $50.99 ~ Internet (The $50 rate is for one year; then $80/month)
  • $21.99 ~ TV services (I assume this is the app)
  • $ 5.00 ~ Other charges (unexplained)
  • Credit for "Taxes, Fees, and Charges"
I had a credit from the previous billing cycle, so my current month is less. I'll know next month the exact monthly charge then, and thereafter.

Meanwhile, the only charges I can find are the charges I mentioned in my last post!

Video Quality: Good

The quality of my TV video is great. My Roku devices connect through an HDMI input, the same as my DVD player and the Spectrum digital cable boxes I had turned back in.

I should not have worried that the quality of my TV viewing would suffer.  The resolution is just fine, and there is less pixalization than when I had a digital cable TV box!

Two "thumbs up" for Internet video quality with Roku.

The Spectrum TV app

I really like the Spectrum App for TV services.

First, I have my beloved BayNews9 channel. I run it in the background during the day, with the TV on mute and closed-captioning turned on.

Next, the Spectrum app gives me access to the local TV stations without me having to connect an external digital TV antenna. Or fuss with the TV remote to change HDMI inputs. This has allowed me to watch my CBS morning news on Sunday.

And... the Spectrum TV app gives me access to the hundred or more other channels that I used to watch through my digital cable box. [I do miss my DVR. If I don't watch the CBS news real time, then I don't see it.]

Finally, the Spectrum TV App allows me to sign in to other apps, too.

The History Channel

For example, I am a fan of the show "Curse of Oak Island" on the History channel. I can watch the show live, real-time on Tuesday evening with all the commercials. 

I downloaded the History Channel App, which I can access directly thorough my Roku device. The History Channel App sells individual episodes for around $2.

But... I can sign into the History App for free using my Spectrum app account!

On Wednesday, (24 hours later) I can watch my show. An added bonus is that 17 minutes of commercials have been stripped out.

Not as good as my DVR, but not a bad alternative.

The SYFY Channel

Another example:  I started watching a movie called "London Falls" on the Spectrum SYFY channel, but I came in the middle.  

The movie wasn't available at all on NetFlix. It was available for rent from $2.99 to $3.99 on several other channels, including Amazon prime. 

I downloaded the SYFY channel app, logged in with my Spectrum account, and found the movie - for free.

  • The new costs are as quoted. I save over $100/month.
  • I have my BayNews9 channel!
  • I also have all the other channels I had before (except sports and Latino).
  • Local broadcast channels are available without changing HDMI input device.
  • The Spectrum App allows me free access to other Internet channel apps.
My TV habits are changing. I am more deliberate about choosing what I watch.

I wrote a followup article on April 30th. You can follow this link to read it: "Why Roku Devices" (

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