Tuesday, October 8, 2019

DNA Testing? Eureka!!

I had a Eureka!! moment last night, and it made a big difference in my views about DNA testing.

Eureka? Yes! This was the first time I had actually watched anyone use DNA results to do family research.

Here is the video: (Youtu.be/ET7LaMWM7yM)

I urge you to spend the 17 minutes to watch it. If not for yourself, then for someone who else asks you about DNA testing.

In the past, I had assumed that DNA testing would only confirm your existing paper trail. This video gave me a greater appreciation for searching with the test results.
Larry was using his Ancestry DNA results with another program (DNA Painter) to search for his father. The audio is superb, and the pace is great. I could easily follow everything Larry was explaining, and I was eager to apply the techniques to my own DNA results. (DNA Painter link: DNAPainter.com/tools/sharedcmv4)

I also learned the practical value of "groups" in the Ancestry DNA matches page as a way of tagging my family finds. Ancestry has identified 1,800 "close" relatives, and so far most of them seem to be from my paternal side. I am curious to learn what "groups" other researchers have defined, and what colors they use. Please drop me an email or comment below.

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