Thursday, October 31, 2019

Post Office Praise: Packages and Notifications

I like my Post Office box... 

...for the extra services they offer, especially the two I discuss in this article.

I've had US post office boxes for over 3 decades. While I complain about the price doubling in the last 10 years, I'm not giving the box up. It's kinda neat, too, that I now have a 1-digit box number.

[1] The Post Office accepts my UPS, FedEX and Amazon packages! 

This is huge. I do have to worry about packages being left on my doorstep, especially when I've ordered something valuable. My "stuff" is never unattended from the vendor to my hands.

I've had computers and printers delivered there.

Most vendors will work with you if your package is stolen from your porch, but that adds paperwork and is a major inconvenience

Delivering packages to the Post Office adds one day to delivery. FedEX and UPS deliver packages a pallet at a time.The post office staff "works" the pallets overnight, and I have a notice in my PO Box the next morning.

 Amazon drivers are still a little uncertain, so I've added delivery instructions that this is a Post Office building and that the counter closes at 4:30 pm.

The Post Office provides a street address. The "#8" a the end is really important because it ties the delivery to my box number:

Rick Jaggers
PO Box 8
Safety Harbor, FL 34695-0008
Rick Jaggers
1703 McMullen Booth Rd #8
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

The final ah-hah! to this particular service is that the Post Office has my signature on file, which means they can accept packages for me even when they must be signed for.

[2] The Post Office notifies me when I have mail.

Junk Mail
I don't have to go to the post office to check my mailbox every day because the Post Office sends me a "picture" of envelopes that they deliver.

A decade ago, I had to go downtown every day. The trip was a major annoyance when the contents were mostly junk mail or flyers.

Today, I can look at the image they sent via email and decide if I need to make a trip right now or if I can wait until tomorrow. Junk mail can wait.

There is a separate section in the notifications for packages, but you will receive alerts for them, too.

This service is called "Informed Delivery."

[3] These services are free, upon request

The Post Office doesn't charge for either of these services, but you have to request them. The request form is easy - it's only a single piece of paper that requires 1-2 minutes of your time to complete.

My local post office has many more services, too, but these two are the most important to me. The first protects my "stuff" and the second allows me to better plan my day.

Visit their website to learn more:

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