Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Personal: Perception is everything


Do you know why Teenagers know everything?

It's their perception of the world and adulthood.

I learned this several decades ago when my son was a teenager. He was 15, and in his mind, he was ready to be an adult.

I looked at the world through his eyes!

  • Adults do not have a curfew, they can stay out as long as they like. And, they can go out whenever they choose, too! No planning is required.
  • Adults can sleep as late as they want.
  • Adults do not need money. A major purchase only requires a credit card, and purchases can be made on a whim! (Payments? What are payments?)
  • A house (and kitchen) runs itself. Garbage magically gets carried out.
    • Electricity is free. You mean water isn't?
  • To get a car, an adult only needs to save up for a down payment.
    • (Payments? What payments? What's a budget?)
  • Adults don't have to make their beds; it's magic.
From that perspective, I can understand why he wanted to be an adult, and live on his own.

I found the following article recently. You may find it an interesting read:

Self-Responsibility/Self-Accountability Qualifies You as an Adult

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